About Us

Almina is a well-established, privately-held, globally-mobilised energy company, with consolidated experience in trading, operations, shipping, logistics, storage, refining and financing. Our main business is the physical trading and logistics of oil and petroleum products. Almina is an energy commodities specialists with global reach, which enables its customers find the right solutions to ever changing market conditions. We deliver oil and petroleum products through our network of seaborne and land-based infrastructure, to governments, national oil companies and refineries, private wholesalers, distributors and enterprises.

We act as the link from supplier to consumer in the world of complex energy interdependence by using our knowledge, logistics, and infrastructure. Our experienced, international team adds value at every level of the supply chain from the purchase of oil and petroleum products to the delivery of the goods to our customers. Our business is conducted from various trading offices located in Europe from where our specialized personnel handle every aspect of sourcing, marketing, transport, storage, hedging and finance.